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9000BTU DC48V Solar Air Conditioner for Home Solar Cooling Systems and Solar Cooling Systems Solar A C

Introducing the 100% Off Grid 48V DC Inverter Solar Air Conditioner which uses no electricity effectively reducing operating costs by up to 100% during the day and night. The 100% Off Grid Unit uses a combination of Solar Power and Battery Storage.

Product Details

Introducing the 100% Off Grid 48V DC Inverter Solar Air Conditioner which uses no electricity effectively reducing operating costs by up to 100% during the day and night.

The 100% Off Grid Unit uses a combination of Solar Power and Battery Storage.

solar air conditioner DC.png

100% DC Inverter = No Wasted Energy

√ 9,000, 12,000 18,000 BTU Capacity with or without a heat pump.

√ All DC = No Inverter.

√ 48v Solar/Battery Power

√ Cool or Heat up to 250 ft^2

√ Variable Capacity

√ Anti-Corrosion Technology

√ Eco-Friendly R410a Refrigerant

√ Washable Filters

√ Digital Wireless Remote

√ Quiet Indoor Unit(As Low As 26dB)

Different Applications

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System Diagram

solar air conditioner DC (2).png

IT WORKS DC Variable Frequency Technology

Air Conditioner Technology Background

It starts with the compressor which uses 95% of the power consumed by an air conditioner. In all ultra-high efficiency AC-powered mini-split units, household electricity enters the air conditioner and passes through a rectifier, a component that converts the incoming Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC). The DC current passes through a frequency driver which applies power to the motor. The frequency of the power determines the output of the motor, which can be digitally managed to precisely control the motors speed. Because DC power can be used more efficiently, all of the highest efficiency AC-powered heat pumps and air conditioners on the market use DC powered compressors.

solar air conditioner installation (1).jpg

In an off-grid solar configuration where an AC-powered air conditioner is running from inverted solar power, the power is actually being converted twice. First, the native DC power from solar panels is inverted to AC by the inverter, and then the power is immediately converted back to DC after entering the air conditioner. Sound wasteful? It is, requiring more solar panels and more batteries as a result.

solar air conditioner.jpg

A key difference with our system – the DC4812VRF unit skips all of these conversions and uses the DC power directly without conversion loss.

solar air conditioner.jpg

The 48V DC Powered Solar Air Conditioner System

solar air conditioner.jpg

DC Powered Indoor unit

One reason that a DC Air Conditioner makes the best use of solar power is because there is no loss associated with converting DC power from solar panels into AC power to run a standard air conditioner.

solar air conditioner.jpg

100% DC Powered Outdoor unit

Using standard solar panels which produce native DC power, the 48V DC air conditioners

avoid the inefficient addition of an "inverter" that converts solar DC current into AC current.

8.jpgDC Brushless fan motor

We use 48V DC brushless fan motors for both indoor and outdoor units. DC brushless fan motors can greatly reduce energy consumption, and run with super low noise. Plus, the use of a brushless permanent magnet motor driver provides a variable frequency drive that allows the system to dynamically adjust its capacity based on conditions.

Solar Air Conditioner (8).jpg

Solar Panel

We suggest you to connect 4 or 6 pcs 260W-320W solar panels to drive each solar air conditioner. Both mono-crystalline and ploy-crystalline solar panels can be accepted.

                  Solar air conditioner (2).jpg

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

A Solar charge controller protects the whole system and provides stable power supply.



Batteries are the energy bank to reserve energy. We recommend you use 4 x 12V deep cycle gel solar batteries Depending on the system selected and the hours of battery operation you require, you can select the AH of your batteries.



Model no. DC4809VRFS-US

Wall mounted Split


Scope of delivery 1 Air conditioner, 1 Warranty card, 1 Registration card


Indoor unit size  800x300x198mm

Indoor unit net weight  9kg

Outdoor unit size  730x545x285mm

Outdoor unit net weight  44kg


Input voltage (DC) 42~60V

Input Max. current  30A


Cooling capacity 2600 W

Power consumption - Cooling mode (max.) 660 W

Heating capacity 2600 W

Power consumption - Heating mode (max.) 670 W


Certificates CE

Suitable environment


Range of temperature


Outdoor Noise

<50 db(H)

Indoor Noise




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