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Usages Of New Energy Sources Has Become One Of The Current Energy-saving Appliances Industry Direction

- Dec 15, 2017 -

  For the solar air-conditioner industry, most of the currently used air-conditioning technology is a kind of circulatory system that uses electric energy as a driving force and absorbs indoor heat to exclude it to the outside. The energy consumption is serious.
  Soalr air conditioning is a high-power product, if the use of solar power to supplement the power needs a large area of light area, the difficulty of the installation process can be imagined. In fact, the larger the solar panel, the larger the power generation, but the large panel will cause inconvenience to the installation on the one hand. On the other hand, if such panel is installed on the exterior of the building, the tolerance of the city How will also become a test.

  ChangZhou Superen New energy technology,producing  top quality,advanced solar air conditioern.and we think all of them can meet the quality level in your local market.The mian product of us are off grid solar air conditioner and hybird solar air conditioner.
1.  An AC/DC unit available in four main sizes at 12000btu, 18000btu unit. These units will run on solar during the day and auto switch to grid power at night. They cannot have battery back-up for night running. They are perfect for schools or offices where there is the majority demand is for day and not night use.

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2.An 100% off grid unit These units will run on solar during the day and have battery storage for night running. Depending where in the world they are installed the amount of solar panels and the size of battery storage needed to run the units will depend on the amount sun light hrs in that country. The longer you require the systems to run after the sun goes down the more panels and bigger batteries are needed.

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  • 18000BTU ACDC Solar Inverter Ac and Solar Operated Air Conditioner Solar Powered Air Conditioning System
  • 12000BTU DC48V Battery Powered Air Conditioner for Camping and Camper Air Conditioner
  • Poly Solar Panel 270W to 290W 60 Cells for Solar System
  • Poly Solar Module 325W to 345W 72 Cells for Solar Power System
  • PWM Solar Controller
  • MPPT Solar Controller

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