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Two short International news about solar air conditioners

- Dec 15, 2017 -

  1.  According to the Jordan Times, Jordan's Minister of Environment Yassin Hayat said on February 6 that Jordan was the first developing country to use solar energy for building cooling and heating.
   Currently, Jordan has four locations equipped with solar air-conditioning equipment, and the four locations are the University of Jordan, Petra, Germany, Erbil Chamber of Commerce and the Royal Cultural Center. Hiaot pointed out that after installing the hot cooling system, power consumption in four locations decreased by 40%.
According to official data, Jordan has 330 days of sunshine each year and is one of the countries with the highest daily solar irradiance in the world. Renewable energy experts point out that Jordan has a large untapped wind and solar energy at wind speeds of up to 7.5 m / s, wind speeds in the mountains up to 11.5 m / s and direct solar radiation of 5.5 kWh / m 2 / day.
2.The Indian naval marine survey ship INS "Sarvekshak" became the first Indian warship to generate solar power. The ship under the South Indian Naval Command, the top of the hangar equipped with 18 solar panels.


   Rajesh Bargoti, captain of the "Savvashak", pointed out that it took about six months for the military to put the entire system in place. Ship lighting and air conditioning are using solar energy, these 300-watt solar panels generate 5.4 kilowatts per day. Bargoti said one of the challenges facing the project is that ordinary solar panels can not adapt to the marine environment, which can cause damage to the facilities by seawater and damp conditions. At the same time, the wind speed can also affect the solar panel layout, and they may be uprooted as they sail at sea. Therefore, the system uses a flexible solar panel, rust-proof, can adapt to the marine environment, can withstand high winds, can run in a flat device, light weight.
   Sreejith Thampi, electrical engineer for "Salvakaksha", noted that they prepared 10 batteries for the system and could only use solar-powered lighting during their cruise. When the ship was in port, the "Salvakaksha" was powered by the electricity bureau in the state where it was located, rather than diesel. He also added that they have observed the meter readings and mastered solar consumption and power supplies in order to use solar energy for more equipment.

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