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Solar Air Conditoner DC Brushless Fan Motor

- Dec 27, 2017 -

    DC brushless fan motor by the motor and drive components, is a typical mechatronic products. Brushless motor is brushless and commutator (or slip ring) of the motor, also known as no commutator motor. As early as the nineteenth century when the birth of the motor, the resulting practical motor is a brushless form, that is, AC squirrel-cage induction motor, this motor has been widely used. However, induction motors have many insurmountable defects that make motor technology slow to develop. The middle of the last century, the transistor was born, so the use of transistor commutation circuit instead of brushes and commutator brushless DC motor came into being. This new type of brushless motor, called an electronically commutated DC motor, overcomes the shortcomings of the first generation of brushless motors.

  AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air conditioners, 100% Off Grid Air Conditioners, solar panels and solar power systems by changzhou supernen new enrgy technology co.,ltd.also use the superior DC brushless fan motor.we use 48v DC brushless fan motor for both indoor unit and outdoor units.DC brushless fan motorcan greatly reduce energy consumption,and run with super low noise.Plus,the use of a brushless permernent magnet motor driver provides a variable frequency drive that allows the system to daynamically adjust its capacity based on conditions.

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AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air conditioners, 100% Off Grid Air Conditioners, solar panels and solar power systems.Our vision is to protect the environment by manufacturing and designing products that utilize solar energy and to give all countries of the world a sustainable quality of life. Introducing a range of innovative solar energy saving products that are cost effective, clean and green..

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