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Solar Air Conditioner Makes $0 Electricity Cost.

- Dec 21, 2017 -

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Solar Air Conditioner is necessary for us.Making $0 electricity cost.

SuperEn New Energy Technology is based in China. We are a Energy Solution Provider, supplying AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air conditioners, 100% Off Grid Air Conditioners, solar panels and solar power systems.

1. Off Grid DC48V solar air conditioner is ideal for places with power shortage conditions, particularly for remote telecom station, container house, motor homes, remote locations, load shedding places, boating and island locations. As the latest dvancement of the PVFit technology, this DC48V solar air conditioner will enable using 100% power from solar.

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2. This is the 4th generation solar air conditioner we've all been waiting for - designed for low cost, easy installation and a fast payback. This unique solar air conditioning technology requires no batteries, no inverter, no controller - just plug in the solar panels and start saving up to more than 97% on daytime cooling or heating costs.

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We are the Expert

With more than 10 years of experience in solar air conditioner development, production and application, our team is trying to not only supply quality product but also providing complete energy solutions for our clients.

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Leave the responsibility for the maintenance of your air conditioner and solar system to the professionals: our experienced service contract provides you with exceptional economic advantages through time savings, cost savings and safety!

  • 12000BTU DC48V Solar DC Air Conditioner and Solar Powered Split Air Conditioner Solar Cooling
  • 12000BTU ACDC Solar Assisted Air Conditioning and Solar Powered Room Air Conditioner Solar Heat Pump
  • 12000BTU DC48V Battery Powered Air Conditioner for Camping and Camper Air Conditioner
  • Poly Solar Panel 270W to 290W 60 Cells for Solar System
  • High Efficiency HCT/HIT Solar Module, Bifacial Energy Boost 20%, 360W to 380W 72-cell, Double-Glass Photovoltaic Solar Panel.
  • PWM Solar Controller

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