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New Solar Air Conditioning System - Heating And Cooling

- Dec 22, 2017 -

  In response to this problem, Israel's Niuni company developed a new solar air-conditioning system, to ease the summer power supply pressure has opened up a new way. The solar air conditioner uses the company's patented thermal cycle technology, both cooling and heating functions, which can use both solar energy and electricity, and can achieve "seamless docking" between the two; in the sun radiation is more Strong daylight, the solar collector can be used to convert solar energy into heat to promote air-conditioning operation; in the night or rainy days, the solar energy is switched to electricity to provide air conditioning to ensure that the summer when needed, ready for cooling.

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  The air-conditioned indoor part of the general air conditioning and similar, external solar collectors according to user needs to determine. Their main goal is 200 square meters to 300 square meters of office; it is said that in the 300 square meters of indoor installation of the system, three years to recover the cost. As a result of the special heat cycle method to achieve refrigeration, do not use chemicals and additives, therefore, will not cause environmental pollution.

  Pollson, chief executive of the company, said that in recent years, with the increase of extreme weather such as heat waves and extreme heat, the power outage caused by the sudden increase in air-conditioning usage has become a major challenge for power companies. According to the US Department of Energy, air-conditioning electricity accounts for about 50% of a standard US home energy consumption; in California, 30% to 40% of the increase in electricity is air-conditioned. Research shows that using the solar air-conditioning system they developed can reduce electricity consumption by 85% and reduce electricity consumption by 40% every day when the sunshine is abundant in the summer, which is of practical significance for energy conservation and environmental protection.

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