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Minus 18 Degrees Celsius,the Attitude Of Solar Air Conditioner

- Dec 08, 2017 -

  R & D personnel in the face of the solar industry reporter said: "Solar air conditioner is energy saving and environmental protection, clean energy determines its very advantageous development More importantly, it is in line with the government's emphasis on green and energy-saving macroeconomic policies and in the long run, solar energy, a renewable energy source that can be continuously supplied, will certainly make a difference in the air conditioning industry. "

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SuperEn New Energy, Founded in 2012,engaged in the R & D and the production of solar air conditioner and solar energy efficient products. specailize in AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air conditioners, 100% Off Grid Air Conditioners, solar panels and solar power systems.That is to say,new trend for making use of solar power go with the tide of historical development.It can be predicted that solar power has become a popular alternative energy source in various countries over the world.China's solar thermal utilization industry is above the world level in terms of its scale, quantity, market maturity, core technology and brand building, and the proportion of its own technologies reaches more than 95%. 

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  • 18000BTU DC48V Off Grid Solar Air Conditioning and DC Powered Air Conditioner Off Grid Solar Air Conditioning
  • 12000BTU ACDC Solar Assisted Air Conditioning and Solar Powered Room Air Conditioner Solar Heat Pump
  • 12000BTU DC48V Battery Powered Air Conditioner for Camping and Camper Air Conditioner
  • High Efficiency HCT/HIT Solar Module, Bifacial Energy Boost 20%, 300W to 320W 60-cell, Double-Glass Photovoltaic Solar Panel.
  • PWM Solar Controller
  • MPPT Solar Controller

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