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China Will Affect Energy Development By Foreign Media

- Dec 15, 2017 -

    On AFP report November 14, the IEA's "World Energy Outlook" annual report said that in the next 25 years, the world's energy needs will be greater and greater, first of all, it must rely on renewable energy to fufill and is likely to return Newly built coal-fired power plant.
   Currently the United Nations climate talks are taking place in Bonn, Germany, and the IEA report brings only some good news in controlling carbon emissions and limiting global warming.
   Reported that the International Energy Agency said that although the era of electric vehicles will come quickly, but the oil demand is expected to continue to increase.
In addition, natural gas is expected to become a more public fuel, and measures need to be taken to reduce the amount of methane produced during natural gas drilling.
    The International Energy Agency believes that the brightest future is solar energy.
Fatih Birol, director of the International Energy Agency, said: "Solar energy will emerge as a global force in the global electricity market with solar becoming the lowest-cost source of electricity generation in many places, including China and India."
    The IEA said: "With the rapid drive from China and India, solar power projects,such as DC 48V solar air conditioner andHybrid solar air conditioner, are rapidly rolling out and solar energy will account for the largest proportion of low-carbon production by 2040. By then, all kinds of renewable energy will be added to the total power generation The proportion will reach 40%. "
The report also noted that "in order to improve the poor air quality, China places a high priority on clean energy technologies, which has led China to rapidly emerge as a global leader in wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy and electric vehicles."

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