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Establish New Company In Zambia

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Establish New Company In Zambia

SuperEn New Energy Technology is based in China with its head office in Changzhou China and with Group Offices in Pakistan, and Oman.Now we have established new office in Zambia on March 2017.

We are a Energy Solution Provider, supplying

1. AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air conditioners

2.100% Off Grid Air Conditioners

3. solar panels and solar power systems.

The establishment of the Zambia office marks an important step for our solar air conditioner products, in the future we will further improve marketing and service work, with the solar air conditioner steady market, our team is trying to not only supply quality product but also providing complete energy solutions for our clients .

Solar Air Conditioner(1).jpg

Solar Air Conditioner (4).jpg

The establishment of our Zambia office, leave the responsibility for the maintenance of your air conditioner and solar system to us: our experienced service contract provides you with exceptional economic advantages through time savings, cost savings and safety!

  • 12000BTU DC48V Solar DC Air Conditioner and Solar Powered Split Air Conditioner Solar Cooling
  • 18000BTU DC48V Off Grid Solar Air Conditioning and DC Powered Air Conditioner Off Grid Solar Air Conditioning
  • 9000BTU ACDC Hybrid Air Conditioning System and Solar HVAC Solar Power Cooler
  • 12000BTU DC48V Battery Powered Air Conditioner for Camping and Camper Air Conditioner
  • Poly Solar Panel 270W to 290W 60 Cells for Solar System
  • MPPT Solar Controller

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