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Become Famous! The World's First Solar Highway Available

- Dec 22, 2017 -

   The solar road is the town's driveway 1 km to the south of Route 5 in the town of Trouville. This solar road project is named "Watt Road."


  The project uses a polymer resin to a small thickness of only 7 mm of small solar panels spliced together and glued to the surface of the original road, and in the upper stamped with high-strength transparent resin material made of transparent plate to withstand the pressure caused by the vehicle driving .

  Using these innovations, the sun on the highway can be converted into electricity, which can then be transported from underground power storage to the city grid. This is why it is called a solar road.

  It is reported that this 1 km long, laying 2800 square meters of solar energy solar panels, in theory, will produce 790 kwh of electricity per day to meet the public lighting of 5,000 urban residents. But its cost is as high as 5 million euros, the electricity cost is 13 times that of roof solar power.

  France's Minister of Environment, Energy and Oceania Roman Loyer is very optimistic about the prospect of a solar-powered avant-garde technology. Under her direction, France plans to build a 1,000-kilometer-long solar road within five years.

 This is an important measure taken by the French government in the field of green environment that was promoted after the adoption of the Paris Agreement in the hope of leading the world towards further sustainable development. It is reported that there are many countries are interested in the introduction of French solar road technology.

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