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Changzhou SuperEn New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd
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Changzhou SuperEn New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

SuperEn New Energy Technology is based in China with its head office in China and with Group Offices in UAE, Australia, Philippines, Pakistan, Ghana and Zambia.

We are engaged in the R & D and the production of solar air conditioner and solar energy efficient products. Founded in 2012, the Company has its sales areas spread all over more than 30 countries and regions in the world. The Company is always devoted to promotion of the conversion efficiency of products, continuously enhances the R & D of new technologies, improves the manufacturing techniques, and wholeheartedly provides solar PV products with high quality, high reliability and high cost performance for customers by virtue of the state-of-the-art technical advantages and the excellent manufacturing level, actively driving early realization of grid parity of solar PV power generation.

We are a Energy Solution Provider, supplying:   

AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air conditioners, 100% Off Grid Air Conditioners, solar panels and solar power systems.

Our vision is to protect the environment by manufacturing and designing products that utilize solar energy and to give all countries of the world a sustainable quality of life. 

Introducing a range of innovative solar energy saving products that are cost effective, clean and green.

We Invent – we don’t copy!

Think Solar, Think SuperEn

Our Product

AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air conditioners, 100% Off Grid Air Conditioners, solar panels and solar power systems

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We are the Expert

With more than 10 years of experience in solar air conditioner development, production and application, our team is trying to not only supply quality product but also providing complete energy solutions for our clients.

Leave the responsibility for the maintenance of your air conditioner and solar system to the professionals: our experienced service contract provides you with exceptional economic advantages through time savings, cost savings and safety!

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Installation of Solar Air Conditioner System

> Development of complete turnkey solutions from the design concept to installation

and commissioning.

> Installation according to legal and safety regulations including UL certification by approved installation technicians.

>Training and certification of external installation technicians according to UL regulations.